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Better Pricing

Mapping and location costs have skyrocketed. Our number one goal is to provide cheap hosting with premium quality content.

Purely Simple

You need mapping. Why should that be complicated? Get started fast and serve your customers easy to use maps that just work.

Smarter Design

Every tool is designed to excel. Smaller downloads, more information, sophisticated parsing, and exceptional accuracy.

Mapping API

We made our mapping api simple and easy to implement, so your developers can get up and running quickly with our straight forward documentation. Our reliable cloud hosted vector, raster, and static maps offer beautiful design with an easy to use interface.
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Search API

Our Geocoder finally brings a much needed and affordible rival to the field. We saw how even the biggest names in mapping were litterally miles off in placing an address on a map, and knew it needed to be better. Now with the Wikiocity Geocoding API, you no longer have to choose between inaccurate geocoordinates or a huge bill each month.
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Everything API

As we exit our initial FREE Beta, we'll open up our vast array of APIs for everything from search and autocomplete, to things like keyword filters and advanced text comparison tools. Wikiocity has spent years building an amazing array of programs, and we want to share them as an added bonus for our customers. With satelite imagery and turn-by-turn navigation on its way, we got it covered.

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