Cloud Hosted Maps

Smarter Design

Our maps are carefully designed to show the most amount of relevant data possible, while always keeping a clean neutral look that's never overwhelming. Features are brought in gradually as you zooom in, nothing popping in abruptly or without purpose. All elements have a function, leaving a bloat free map that's exceptionally easy to navigate. Despite having one of the most detailed maps on the market, we also designed our vector maps with smarter data compression resulting in smaller downloads for mobile users.

Quicker Integration

We know what businesses want in maps. Simple, easy to locate information, and fast to deploy. That’s why we share documentation on how to implement the most common use cases to get you up and running now.

More accessible

With included data for handicap accessible transportation, paths, and points of interest, we try our best to be all inclusive of everyone and every use case. This is just one of the many examples of why our maps go above and beyond the competition. You can be sure that whatever your needs, our maps will be the right path for you.

*handicap accessible icons for restroom and subway entrances in blue

The Everything Library

We build, We share

At Wikiocity we've built an incredible amount of programs designed to parse, slice, display, and shrink. From our own custom forum software that can be used to communicate on this site, to a text comparison tool able to analyze backward old english sentences to their modern versions, we really have built it all. Our everything API will soon house an array of programs we've built that have allowed us to do things not found anywhere else.

More For Maps

We want our maps to cover every use case, which is why we're working to bring navigation, sattelite imagery, and street level integration to our products. If you have another use case that needs covering, just let use know!